Best Energy Suppliers for 2024

Highlighting the Top Performers

In an era where electricity and gas are indispensable, selecting a reliable energy provider is crucial. The comprehensive annual energy satisfaction survey from Which?, based on feedback from over 9,000 customers, unveils the leading energy companies in Great Britain for 2024. Additionally, the in-depth assessment of firms’ practices provides insights into companies prioritising customer interests.

Which? Recommended Providers for 2024

For the first time, three providers earned the coveted Which? Recommended Provider status: Octopus Energy, E, and Ecotricity. These companies not only excelled in customer satisfaction but also demonstrated commendable practices, placing them above the competition.

Which guide

Top-Scoring Energy Companies

  1. Utility Warehouse (Total Score: 75%)
    • Customer Score: 69%
    • Which? Assessment Score: 80%
  2. Octopus Energy (Total Score: 73%)
    • Customer Score: 74%
    • Which? Assessment Score: 72%
  3. Ecotricity (Total Score: 72%)
    • Customer Score: 71%
    • Which? Assessment Score: 72%
  4. E (Total Score: 71%)
    • Customer Score: 71%
    • Which? Assessment Score: 71%
  5. Utilita (Total Score: 69%)
    • Customer Score: 67%
    • Which? Assessment Score: 71%

Lowest-Scoring Energy Companies

  • British Gas: Positioned at the bottom in this year’s assessment, British Gas faces challenges in both customer satisfaction and supplier practices.
  • Boost and So Energy: Tied for the second-lowest overall scores, Boost and So Energy warrant attention for areas needing improvement.

What Defines the Best Energy Company?

To earn the prestigious Which? Recommended Provider status, companies must excel in both customer satisfaction and practices assessment. The assessment evaluates crucial aspects, allocating weightage as follows:

  • 30% Customer Service
  • 30% Support for Customers in Need
  • 30% Complaints Performance
  • 10% Performance Against 2022 Smart Meter Targets

Additional star ratings based on customer responses cover aspects such as overall service, accessibility, communication quality, payment accuracy, statement clarity, and value for money.

Traditional Energy Companies in Transition

Amidst major industry shifts, traditional giants like British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon Next, and Scottish Power face challenges from newer entrants. Octopus Energy, experiencing remarkable growth, is set to expand further with the acquisition of Shell Energy’s customers.

Our opinion

In our opinion, it is better to avoid the larger energy companies. They are less competitive on price and usually provide the worst service. They appear to work on the principle that, as large companies, they don’t need to be very responsive to the needs of customers. The smaller companies, Utility Warehouse, Octopus, Ecotricity and E Energy provide a much better quality of service.


Navigating the energy landscape requires informed decisions. The 2024 rankings empower consumers with valuable insights into both customer satisfaction and behind-the-scenes practices. Whether opting for the top-tier Utility Warehouse or the dynamic Octopus Energy, making an informed choice ensures a brighter energy future.